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Hello Everyone!

I'm making my start in the art world, and this Patreon is the first step. My goal is to make enough through commissions, art projects, and this Patreon to support a full time art career so I can put all of my focus and energy where my passion is.

What is my passion exactly? It's creating, its story telling, its to entertain. I want to bring my writings to life and make my concepts a reality. I want to collaborate with other artists and make graphic novels, comics, books, sculptures, and hopefully down the road, games and animations. 

For now I can offer my creations for download and my ears for your critics, criticisms, and suggestions for future works. Eventually, as I gather more support from followers and contributors and my time can be more focused on my art, I would love to provide videos of my process, art books, live streams, and more!

Thank you all in advance for your support!
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I'll focus completely on my art and endeavors to further my art career. Sometime down the road I'd like to make graphic novels, art books, create concepts for games and persuit a full time job free lancing.
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