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In addition to a place outside of Youtube to request a game for me to play, you'll be notified if I'll be playing a game featuring character customization, so you can be in the game from the start of play!
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I will make an attempt to honor any game request you make, even if it's a game I wouldn't normally want to play! Hardware limitations withstanding, of course.



About Ryufl

Hello everybody and welcome to my glorified tip jar-I mean, Patreon page!

Video games are my passion and I would like to share them with you through creating Let's Plays of them. All of my videos include a live commentary, unless the game requester specifically asks that I provide no commentary. That's right, I take game requests! I'm here to play games for you! Feel free to request any game you wish with whatever challenges you want to impart and I'll let you know if it will happen.

Why the Patreon campaign? Because Google decided that something which happened outside of my control is my responsibility, therefor I can't monetize my YouTube videos. I appealed, they denied, end of story. Good news is that most of my videos are commercial free, and I have little reason to shy away from popular titles!

Any commercials you may see on my videos are put there by copyright holders of content in the video, not me. I draw no benefit from them except the peace of mind that the video isn't going to get blocked by the copyright holders.

Every pledge, no matter how small, will help me to be able to devote more time to playing games for you!
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My brother Cueball has agreed to play Battletoads with me for your amusement!
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