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About Sangrde


Hello, I'm Yujin, also known as Sangrde as an artist.

I draw mostly portraits/human figures, backgrounds, illustrations, sketches, fanart, in styles largely varying from semi-realism to anime.  

I usually make living by freelance-- In fact, my creations are 90% mostly commissions. If I don't do commissions, I don't really have time for art.

I've always wanted to create more personal illustrations for my personal enjoyment as well as for my fans instead of working on commissions. That's why I closed commissions recently. 

I hope this to be a chance to share my works with more originality than before, and offer what contents you guys would like to see from me.

With your support,

1.  I can create my original creations more frequently.
As you might know, most of my creations are commissions. But I started to think that these does not show my full artistic freedom and creativity 100%. 

 Someday, I would like to introduce my original story-- character/vehicle/monster/environmental concept art in my oriental/steampunk/distopian fantasy world.

2. Contents create just for you

 Ideas/suggestions for what I would draw next, access to polls on my fanart creations

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  •  Fanart of your favorite characters, HD Wallpaper version without watermark.

  • Full Resolution images of my illustrations And tutorials -- this may not be an art professor's professional teaching. But I would like to give very secret tips on how I got hang of this things after many experiments, tricks, and tips.

  • Psd files + progress shots from the sketch to finish!!

  •  Details progress shots with description explaining each steps

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Thank you for your support!  

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