is creating A RP server
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Tier 1 (SARP PAS)
per month
  • Unlocks Careers
  • Unlocks Missions (like EJ and Mayors Agent)
Includes Discord rewards
Tier 2 (SARP PAS+)
per month

Special Access to private chat and voice on the SARP Discord

One LEVEL 5 Loot Box on the Server

500000$ IN-GAME Money

All Previous Rewards

Includes Discord rewards
Tier 3 (SARP M++)
per month
  • 1 hour in creative whenever needed to improve owned property
  • Prefix in chat as a thank you
  • 1000000$ IN-GAME Money
  • All Prevous Rewards (Except Money Rewards)
Includes Discord rewards




per month

About SARP

Welcome to the SARP Patreon page!! If you don't play SARP, we recomend that you DONT Pledge as you wont get the benefits. If you do play, then you can unlock many cool features on the MC server.
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Take 5 Suggestions And Add them as features to the server.
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