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per Month for art supplies, and pens

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Hello I am Sarah Ann Waldron, stay at home mother of two children, one 7 year old, and one 16 month old. I am a published Author, Poet, and an Artist. I would love to work more on my art, and writing but due to a shortage in funds I am down to one canvas, 15 brushes, and almost no oil paints.
I promise with each donation made that i will upload my daily progress and new projects. Hopefully new videos occasionally. I will also post new poems, and writings as they are written.

I hope you enjoy my lovely updates know everyone of you are doing such an amazing thing here by helping an artist/creator be able to create. Much love to you all.

$23 of $200 per Month for art supplies, and pens
Thing's I will buy. Large canvases, medium canvases, small canvases, paints, brushes, thinner, a professional easel, oil pastels, sharpie pens, charcoals and sketch pads. I also plan to make jewelry on the side for people who have metal allergies so I also need supplies for that endeavor. Glass beads, hemp rope, copper wire (does well on my skin), and pendants.
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