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Stage One patrons ... Hmm... how about some small tidbit about myself or my writing. Perhaps you may like to offer a suggestion on what you liked or hated about anything I've written. Thank you so much for your support!!! All patrons of all stages will be mentioned in the acknowledge page of an upcoming work.
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About S. Copperstone

S. Copperstone is an eclectic writer who enjoys nature and writing unusual things about unusual topics. Her favorite genres are historical fiction and a paranormal/horror/fantasy mix. She wishes to thank anyone and everyone who has ever taken the time to read her writings. She genuinely appreciates it.

S. Copperstone has a WordPress blog, of which she updates occasionally: scopperstone.wordpress.com/ 

An ongoing web serial which was originally accepted by the now-defunct JukePopSerials about Centaurs in the Old West can be found on wattpad.com as SCopperstone.

Thank you for your time! :-)

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