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About SFV 360

SFV 360 News is a freelance journalist and news team that provides the Latest Breaking News Stories and Videos straight from the San Fernando Valley. We are your go-to source for real local news. We keep you up to date with Local Traffic, Crime, and Entertainment when it happens as it happens.

In today's news, there is an overabundance of fake news and it seems like everyone in the media has a hidden agenda. We the people are tired of hearing the same one winged statements over and over. We simply just want facts! We want Real News! The locals of The San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles deserve to know EXACTLY what is going on in their community.

Sadly there isn't a place where people can turn to for real news and where locals can discuss current events, politics, breaking news, entertainment, sports, or whatever else is going on around us.
That is why we created SFV 360 News!
We refuse to lean Democrat or Republican. We don’t promote the Right wing or the Left. We simply give the people the truth and speak facts whether it be Good or Bad! We give it to you exactly how it is!

We think there are a lot of you out there who are just like us who are looking for a new kind of news one that covers the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles without an agenda. We hope you’ll support us in our journey to give the people of the SFV and LA something different.

SFV 360 has only gotten where we are today by the support of our fans, and we're still completely dependent on you guys moving forward. You have our eternal thanks for letting us do what we love, and helping us keep getting better at it!

We have reached a point where it's hard for us to justify doing what we love without being able to support ourselves financially in the real world. We also want to continue to increase our quality - better cameras, better mics for interviews, and all that great stuff!

We hope that you will continue this journey with us as we grow. Here at SFV 360 we have built a strong team and we have some of the best Cameramen, Journalists, and Photographers We have big plans for 2019 and the future of SFV 360 and we are excited to move forward with them.

We are looking for fund-raising support for better equipment, and certain expenses for events that we send journalists to cover, support staff and administrative costs.

If you appreciate what we offer please consider becoming a patron in support of our efforts to produce well-narrated and timely news and videos. Your continued support and interest in our work are what keeps us going and is very much appreciated.

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