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is creating Short Stories, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction.

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You're Alright in My Book (or Short Story) 

You will get a monthly post of one of my poems or short stories. They will be short. They will be satisfying. You will rarely be dissappointed. 

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Every little bit helps. If I can get my work to a larger audience it will be enough. Seriosly, any suppor is appreciated.

Sugah Daddy/Momma
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"Gee, Thanks, Mister!"

As well as my short stories and poetry, you will receive the choiciest pieces from my novels. Either Ghost Dance or Nice Things

Q&A Video

I will answer all your questions in a neat little video where you can actually see my chubby face.


Hear about what I'm up to and how I'm working every day to make this "writer" thing happen.  

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My Mom Says Thank You

You will get to see everything I write. Memoirs. Novels. Science Fiction Erotica. My Diary. Long Winded Philosohpical Treatises About the Importnace of Vynil. Etc.

Behind The Scenes

If you have a story idea you'd like to see become reality I can make that happen in my next post. Receive early drafts of my work and help me grow as an artist. Get a big "Thank You" in every piece I post.


Drawings of World Maps, Concept Art, and other art work from myself or my talented roommates. This I'm really excited about.

Double Bonus

Received signed copies of my work in the mail. 




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About the Author
SH Jure also goes by Alex and he lives in Orlando, where sometimes he dresses like a wizard and sells Butterbeer to tourists. He prefers to write Short Stories about underdogs and poems about pretty landscapes and saucy independent women. He's working on two novels: one based on his family's trip from Argentina to New York City and the people that helped them along the way; another is a series of vignettes told from the perspective of an explorer that fell through a blackhole. When he's not hitting his head against the keyboard, he's trying to finish his BA in Literature and Anthropology at the University of Central Florida. He's a solid B student. He gets by on life by creating weird art by himself or with his roommates. They're high functioning mental patients. He would describe his work as "sincere" and "adequate." If you're a fan of weird stories about foxes, sex addicts, awkward college parties, and off-beat science fiction then pay me some money so I can write more.

Why is he here?
Why not? This is amazing tool to get amazing ideas off the ground. It's not just about receiving but about giving. Patreon allows an community of artist's who might otherwise not be making their art to help each other. It's democratic patronage and I love it. Also, the artist needs some hard cash to give the IRS and the student debt guy that keeps calling him.

The Road Ahead
The plan is to keep writing short stories and get as many people to know about them. For now. He's working on two long novels that I plan to publish. Either through a conventional publisher or here, on Patreon.   
$0 of $100 per month
Here's a nice number I'd love to reach. This will help me focus less on my two jobs and paying off my crippling student debt. Help a guy out!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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