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My name is Adison, and I go by the name Sinn Badd. If you guys watch my Youtube video's you guys know a little bit about me. I'm a Artist , creator, motivator, Before i get super old and can't do anything. I want to impact the world for the good. Teach kids positivity and creativity, pushing them to do good  and grow up to do what they love to do. I want to motivate people to do what they love to do too. Cheer them up on there off guys. By doing that is threw my video's and by traveling to there community's. My Dreams is to travel the world and do what i love to do and that is making video's. Talk to my supporters and there community. I will never give up till that is Reality. I want to show the Younger Generations that You can Do it by Hardwork, dedication and Positivity. If you want to get to know me more come visit my livestreams. Thank you for taking the time to Check me out=)
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I will release a video every day. Making the Best video's i can make. Help the community and give back as much as i can.
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