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~ ~  ~    ~    ~     THANK YOU ALL     ~    ~   ~  ~ ~
After years of fan art, /fit/ comics, and Animation/Music memes, and with the encouragement you've all given me, I've finally established this page to help finance the next chapter of my gradual spread through the internet.  With your continued support, I hope to make a full-time occupation of the comics, animation and video content that drew you all here in the first place.

Please chip in however much you wish, as this page functions more as a tip jar than a paywall for content... for now.  Stay tuned for more updates as I refine this page and roll out the patron-exclusives.  There's some exciting stuff in the pipeline, and I hope you all find something here to tickle your fancy!

One Meme, One God, One Love,
-   SIR

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