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About Paul & Chad

SKRODER COMICS is the brainstorm creation of a couple of wild and crazy rebel guys from Colorado. We came into existence in 2017 as a revolutionary force and tool for information and education in the fight against tyranny in all its nasty forms via the entertaining medium of cartooning. We are the voice of FREEDOM in the cartooning world.

We provide a free-to-read online variety magazine loaded with comic strips, gag cartoons, and editorial cartoons to please audiences old and young alike (suggested for ages 15 and up). The content ranges from the tame to somewhat rowdy, no nudity and only a spattering of vulgarity when the topic screams for it.

We LOVE cartooning and being creative above all else. The purpose of making use of the PATREON provider sight is to make SKRODER COMICS our one and only financial priority so that we can spend full time producing with the intent of adding other great cartoonists to our force, along with providing you a cornucopia of side items such as Tee Shirts, Print Magazines, Cards, etc. in our store and backer-only-benefits for your gratification.

Followers of our past individual cartoons have shown great interest and support to date. Now, the combination of our hard work developing SKRODER COMICS, along with continued support from readers such as yourself, especially with the opportunity for you to play a more direct part in helping the comic forge onward, we strongly believe we will be an influential force for information and education of society in this new magazine format. If you enjoy SKRODER COMICS, we give our sincere thanks for reading. We hope you will like it enough to desire chipping in any amount for any duration, such help is hugely appreciated as it allows us to expand with even more free cartoons. It is indeed a win-win scenario!

Patrons: Depending on the type and size of your donation amount, we offer additional backer-only-benefits you will find rewarding.


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At this stage, we can focus entirely on SKRODER COMICS as our full-time job. We'll share as much new material as possible as often as we can. This includes doing live streams, more art, and updating our magazine production. We will also be able to look into producing some short motion graphic animation clips.
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