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Special thing here, ill help you set up a game of SKRUB. this includes Determining your players Titles, in depth explorations of how their powers work, setting up the Lands and Quests for them, as well as a direct line to me for questions about everything else. Only for those serious about running a session.




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Hi there folks, Dillon here. I'm the madman behind SKRUB, and have been since its inception. That was a quietly momentous day, nearly four years ago now, when I realized "Hey, it would be pretty fun if my friends and I were able to play Sburb. Hmm. I guess it wouldn't be that hard to make a system for it..." One tragic understatement started the journey that has lead to what I have made today. 

For those just stumbling through, SKRUB: The Tabletop Creation Myth is a pen and paper roleplaying game based off the the videogame Sburb from the webcomic Homestuck. In my, and many of the people who have played my game, opinion SKRUB has done a remarkable job capturing the essence of what Homestuck is; its quirkiness, its scope and depth, its dedication and sincerity. I've put an uncountable amount of hours into this thing, because I wanted to make it as real and fun as I could. 

But time goes on. I could actually keep working on it for the rest of my life, coming up with a new core mechanic every decade or so, years of tweaking. But I know that its nearing the time to move on. There has been a rough 'Alpha' out for a while now, and I've been taking all the criticism, suggestions and tweaks, incorperating to make a smoother "Alpha.2", one that has the full explanation of all the powers, and the world as a whole. I'm quite close to having it done. 

But I've been out of a job for a little while, and am going on a trip to Japan in less than a month, Oops! So i could use a bit of extra cash. I'm not going to lock anything behind a paywall, but if you feel like all my efforts are worthy of reward, please don't hesitate!
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