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Devoted Squire
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Oho, what charisma shows in our dearest squire! 

She is eager to always fulfill her dreams, and earn her title as a greatly charitable friend to all. A proud achievement, indeed! 

Honorable Knight
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Cheers! We have a new brave champion! 

As our beloved knight, he is honest in his endeavors, always prepared to defend those in need of a spare pence-- or three! The knight supports his fellow vanquishers with grandeur donations. En garde, soldier! 

Brazen Hero
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Huzzah to the hero of centuries! 

This bold, daring conqueror shall receive a magical vision, in which she will see a complete demonstration of how the land's comics are made. She will obtain the secrets of ancient runes through a video tutorial from Danni, herself! Well done, sir! Well done! 




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About Danni O'Lenci

Salutations! Welcome to the cove of comics, from yours truly, Danni O'Lenci. I am honored to share with you my art, my humor, and very soon a special project that is currently in the works!

Oh, et je parle français, aussi. Merci beaucoup! Thank you kindly! 
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By the end of the month I will slay the beast of the sea and return with its hide to prove my devotion to my craft. 
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