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I am honestly very thankful to anyone that gives me even just one dollar, but please understand that the most I can currently give is access to my Discord server which is not hype at all.




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I've been making videos for more than a decade at this point and I've struggled to really figure out what I wanted to focus on but I think I'm starting to get it now. Ever since I was in first grade I've wanted to make people laugh and I suppose it really is fortunate I've grown up with the internet, since now I have the ability to do that on a worldwide level, though I'm not really delusional enough to think my videos will ever reach that many people (it'd be nice though).

I understand my type of humor is not for most people, and that the things I care about also aren't really popular with most people (cartoons, anime, video games, music, movies, TV, comics, books, history, Sideways Stories From Wayside School, etc. pretty sure these are all universally despised) but I'd appreciate any help at all towards making this something I can spend more time on and bring more people joy because that really is all I want to do.

Even now it's still very hard to say what I actually do. Live action skits on occasion, a goofy video parodying some clickbait on YouTube I see sometimes, reviews I guess would be my main export. If you tend to enjoy any of that kind of content I recommend watching some of my videos first and then coming back here and giving me money whether you liked what you saw or not.
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