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Hello my name is Javonte or L3GEND. I am a YouTuber with 800 plus subscribers. I have been doing YouTube for about 3 years and I was making a lot of progress until this ad apocalypse and stuff with YouTube has happen and now I'm still going to grind regardless because I'm a determined and dedicated to whatever I have My Mind Set On. This is one of the things I have my mind set on for my channel. I want to inspire and encourage and bring hope to people with my videos. I want to entertain people the way I have been entertained by all the other YouTubers that I have watched.Sence 2016 it's a lot more difficult to become famous on YouTube or even get anything done on YouTube because everybody has already made it is being treated differently from us lower channels. That are having harder time with it comes down to growth compared to big channel. I want to do more for my channel. I have lots of dreams and ideas for my channel. I still want to accomplish all of my goals.This is why I made my patreon.So that I can make more quality content for my channel and my fans. I'm really dedicated to my channel an serious about it. I want to get this done and do more for my audience. if I say I'm going to do something I'm going to do it.This is the person that I am. so if you have came to my patreon yeah definitely help out with support. I appreciate so dearly and also yo join the family L3GEND NATION.
I appreciate all of you that have stuck with me through this these difficult times and we will grow even stronger together.
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i am want to upgrade my gear for videos and stream quality.
so lets get that first 10 and inspire and get dream done and chace your dreams 
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