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About STEMculture Podcast

Who we are:
The STEMculture Podcast is focused on improving the culture of STEM by talking about topics that affect graduate students, postdocs, early career researchers and more. There are five hosts for season 2: Brooke, Dani, Moncie, Will, and Zach. We are all graduate students with a combined total of 25 years of graduate school experience.

What you can expect from us:
STEMculture Podcast's mission it to provide a platform to improve graduate school and STEM culture by demystifying the culture and highlighting stories of perseverance and persistence in STEM.

Where your money goes:
We want to make season 2 even better than season 1! A key way to accomplish that is through planning (check!) and by updating our equipment. All proceeds from Patreon will go BACK into the show, not in our pockets.

Contacting us:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @STEMculture

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