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I will let everyone who listens to my podcast know how awesome you are. You'll be mentioned in my podcast for donating and also on any other publication I have mentioning awesome people like you who help make the podcast better with each donation.

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You will be able to vote on things in the podcast like new logos, what I should do an episode on, intro music, what interviews I should do (if i get to that point) etc... 

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You will be named as assistant producer on my podcast and podcast publications. Also I will create a custom shirt, hat, coffee mug, or something else for you so that you can show off your support for the show.




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About STEMfm

I aim to bring the science, technology, engeneering and mathematics behind everything in our world and our universe to the people by means of a podcast. I will also have blog posts to go along with each episode of the STEMfm podcast with more information and links. The science behind everything we do and everything we see around us is overwhelming, intense and all together just amazing. I hope you can learn something from me as I learn of these things myself and share the knowlege in my own way.

Any donations will help with the costs of hosting, improving & producing the podcast. 
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When I reach $300 per month, I'll be able to hire help to edit and produce my podcast and Blog. This will help create a more enjoyable experience for both patrons/listeners and myself.
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