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High gang,

I need your help to keep this channel alive. As a medicinal cannabis user the videos I create  for y'all are recreational for me and have really been fucking with me. In short I'm suffering because I can no longer afford to buy cannabis as medicine and spend more money on cannabis for recreational video reviews. It is impacting my tolerance thus creating a need for more cannabis. In short I need to medicate when I'm not good and I make videos when I am good. So creating videos is having a negative impact on my health as over consuming cannabis is reducing it's effectiveness & it's impacting my finances as it is all out of pocket. This channel started to support my small business, that is over, yet I continued making videos because I enjoy it. However my business no long covers the cost of creating videos and my channel is demonetized. 

Hate to say it but without your support I have no choice but to take longer breaks between the creation of content.

Become a Patreon and support future content and gain early access! My videos always will be honest and unlike any other you'll see out there. I am not a corporate shill.

Stay high!

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