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Those who become members are people who support our mission and vision in creating a spiritual soulful community assisting in the evolution of mankind, guiding and loving people toward their highest potential.  

A Soulville Transformation Community Patron becomes a Messenger… who affirms and disseminates information, knowledge and love into the larger community; receiving discounts for the special workshops and offering that will help each one become:

 - A human being who has achieved a level of knowledge about the world we live in and desires to be with like-minded people; 

- A human being who has created personal daily spiritual practices and wants to be with others in the pursuit of these practices; 

- A human being who studies and follows the Universal Laws, allowing all possibilities into her life; 

- A human being who encourages authenticity in voice and action in all; 

- A human being who can declare Self love with joy and gratitude; 

- A human being who learns from every life experience and can say “YES!” to it all! 

- A human being who supports the Soulville Community monetarily,  gifting the ability to create and to continue programs that follow our mission and purpose, which is “guiding and loving people to their highest being.




Wendyne Limber, AKA Wendy. Unci. Sunwoman Magicmaker...  MA, LMFT, RDT- BCT has been in practice as a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Drama Therapist in her own healing center - Soulville, in Stuart, Florida since 1990. Her work has been an evolution of transpersonal psychology, spirituality and science and has evolved consciously in incredible ways since the beginning.

Many people have transformed their lives through The Imagination Process™ and Imagine Recovery™ - programs Wendy created that heal and transform the human pain of addiction, trauma, co-dependency, grief, depression, anxiety and loss. Wendyne’s programs incorporate neuroscience, expressive therapeutic arts, holistic medicine, quantum science, and trauma work.

AND, even though I am the founder of all of this, I have attracted some incredible people into my life who are now WITH ME.  We have JOINED together to create the SOULVILLE COMMUNITY... Petrina McGowenPamela HeartsongBodhi Campbell and MORE in our community.  We are sticking together to create something new NOW.

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