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Welcome to @SWRPGAdventures!
When Dathomir's moons align, an ancient jungle temple is revealed. PCs pass an Imperial blockade, rancors, and treasure hunters to reach it.

If you're a Star Wars GM like me, you know it can sometimes be tough to come up with adventure ideas for a diverse group of player characters. Once you have an idea you can run with it, but just getting that initial spark can be difficult, and--especially for newer GMs--you end up defaulting to published adventures.

PCs go undercover as speeder-truck food vendors, Coruscant's hot new trend, to access the Palace District & kidnap an Imperial senator.

I've been GMing Star Wars since the D6 West End Games version, through to the d20 version, and now Fantasy Flight Games' awesome narrative dice version. I've played in and GMed hundreds of adventures with scores of characters, and for all the years I've been running it, I've found coming up with new, fresh adventure ideas the toughest part of GMing.

PCs are sent to recruit the unrecruitable: a Moff. Turns out his sister was vacationing on Alderaan when it blew up. Will he be sympathetic?

Enter the  @SWRPGAdventures Twitter feed. I started this feed to challenge myself to be creative and force myself to come up with adventure ideas, and to help other GMs who find themselves stuck creatively as I have been before. It's also good to be limited to 140 characters as it requires straightforward, open-ended ideas to be written concisely, and I try to make the hooks entertaining as well. :)

A quixotic hobo on Nar Shaddaa claims to be a Jedi; he begs the PCs to find his stolen lightsaber before a Hutt sells him out to the Empire.

I will always post daily adventure hooks on my Twitter feed for free. But with a little bit of support, I could do so much more: bonus content, weekly NPCs, monthly mini-adventures, even epic full-length adventures!

A PC's uncle dies; PCs'll inherit his capital ship if they spend 1 night there. At 0:00 hours the ship jumps to hyperspace, going…somewhere…

You can read the rest at http://twitter.com/SWRPGAdventures (and now on Facebook at http://facebook.com/SWRPGAdventures). If you enjoy them, please follow me on Twitter and consider becoming a patron by clicking Become a Patron!

Special thanks to GM Phil and GM Chris from the  Order 66 podcast, who have been great supporters of @SWRPGAdventures, and to DeuteriumIce from Tales from the Hydian Way, one of our biggest fans!

And a SUPER special thanks to my patrons so far!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts

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