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is creating Fiction, Gathering oddities and Learning as much as possible.
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A Chapter of the Novel Thread-Kin, updated twice a month.

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The Chapter, The forgotten pages. Not to mention:Character Profiles, Back stories,  and a few pages pertaining to their stories. Oh, you get the chance to create a soldier of your own! Spaces are limited however. 




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About Samuel W. Ryder

I am writing two novels, a couple of fanfiction and working on a blog. All of which I am looking forward to completing or making successful.

A voracious reader of all things Sci-fi/Fantasy and as a person who found his place because of it, I find myself wishing I could work on my own writing and update those I can more frequently. A difficult task bordering improbable, still, I’m going to try.

This isn’t something I do on a whim. Nor is it something I take lightly. It’s my goal to live up to the expectations of those who follow me, whether as an author of my own works or as an author of fanfiction. I believe your help would allow me to help make ends meet and spend more time writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue working even without pay, I don’t expect it. To me the “What if” scenario is far too much fun to ignore. Besides fanfiction is free and I wouldn’t change that if I could. 

As I said before I don’t require your pledges. That’s only for those willing. Yes, there will be acess to my original work but the fanfiction will continue anyway.

Updates for my fanfiction are a little sporadic right now however I intend to have at least one chapter going out a week whether it’s fanfiction or my original works.

Speaking of which a quick description.

Dorian is a man of thread, a mercenary and most importantly a slave to the sixteen year old Minerva Van Caldarren. He was woken from his slumber to do her bidding. To protect her, to end the threats against her, to protect the realm from a savage beast. Not to mention, any other task she might set, embarrassing or otherwise. Now, if only he trusted her with his promised freedom. 

Dorian O Mara, is Thread-Kin.

To any who do decide to pledge, thank you, I truly aprreciate it.
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This will allow me to get a more advanced computer/system, which will allow me to update far easier than the set up im currently using. 
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