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A Few Good Elves: Serial NovelSpecial Offer • 39 days left
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A Few Good Elves: Serial NovelSpecial Offer • 39 days left
Weekly chapters for ALL Patrons during the quarantine! https://www.patreon.com/posts/35034506




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Hi!  I'm Diane Morrison, a.k.a. Sable Aradia.  I'm a science fiction/fantasy writer and a Pagan non-fiction author. I'm what they call a hybrid author; I'm both traditionally and indie published. I do podcasts and blogs related to these things, and I do a little music. I have a Bandcamp page for my music. This page is for my writing.

Check out my universes!

Recently I've stumbled into becoming an accidental publisher. I had an idea for an anthology and took it on myself to organize and edit it. It just released and it went unexpectedly well up to this point. Now I've got other people asking me if I would publish their ideas through my imprint. Plus I've got plans for another anthology. So... yeah. Why not go for it, I figure?

What Do I Write?

I write stuff that's different enough that I have to convince people to read it. Then they read it, and they're glad they did. I like to take pulp fiction tropes, and rather than dismissing them, I ask how, if they did exist, could they have come about, and what the natural consequences of that would be?

The major fiction projects I'm working on include:
  • Post-apocalyptic Weird Western with a dash of steampunk
  • Fantasy space opera / Age of Sail military adventure fiction
  • High fantasy and hard sci-fi with diverse protagonists
  • From time to time I do short stories or novellas for magazines and anthologies
  • I'm just getting into teaching this stuff online too!
The Pagan non-fiction stuff I've done includes:
  • A how-to guide to witchcraft that takes you from base beginner to advanced practitioner
  • An anthology on Pagan leadership
  • An anthology on sexuality and consent in the Pagan community
  • Pagan video content on my YouTube channel
  • A blog on Paganism
  • A blog on Canadian Paganism
  • Online witchcraft classes
Here: got an hour and want to get an idea of what I write? Here's a playlist I made of my book trailers.

Who Am I?

I was that nerdy tomboy kid who used to get beat up in school -- right until I had a nervous breakdown at about 16 and started lifting weights. Then I beat up the school bully (really!) After that I decided that I would never let fear stop me from doing the things I wanted to do.

Of course, the Great Recession of the 90s didn't agree with my assessment of my future, so I spent the next 15 years struggling to find the most basic subsistence job and raising my stepson. Not many great dreams happened during that drudgery, I won't lie.

Then, when my son was 16, my husband was in a life-threatening car accident while at work as a taxi driver. He was in the hospital for 8 months, including a month in ICU. They gave him a 0% chance of survival at first. But survive he did. And we both reassessed our lives. We figured that life was too short to not pursue happiness.

So instead of going back to my taxi dispatcher job, I bought a thrift shop where I was reading Tarot part-time and turned it into a metaphysical store. And I wrote the book on witchcraft I always wanted to read. The store failed after seven years, but the book got published with Red Wheel / Weiser, the publisher I wanted. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What Does Aradia Publishing Publish?

Well, my work, for one. But also, anthologies of SFF and Pagan non-fiction. We just released our first, Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: A Fantasy Western Anthology.

Do I Do Anything Else?

I'm also managing and making original content for the SFWA Youtube Channel!  My work there is totally non-profit, and includes panel-style SFF related conversations, promotions, and posting SFWA official material. And I'm starting up a brand-new podcast about Hopepunk in speculative fiction and in real life, called If This Goes On (Don't Panic.)

As my Patron, you'll get first crack at everything I'm doing before anyone else sees it, special features, sneak peaks, and your name in the credits because you will be part of the process.  You also get to be part of the unique fan community, "Sable's Privateers," where you can ask me questions about my work and special access to fans-only content.

Thanks to all my present and future crew for signing aboard!
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When I reach this goal, I will give a basic stipend to my partner, who edits all of my work in his own free time. What this means for you is faster output for all of my fiction, since he'll be able to devote more time to working on it. MOAR WRITING!
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