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All of your money will be invested into my lifestyle as a writer. Every cent donated is a second longer I can spend on my stories and projects. I promise you, not a single dollar from Patreon will go into my frivolous hobbies like video games. By pledging to me, you are telling me that you support me as a writer and want to see more, and that alone will be motivation for me to cut away the time-wasters in my life and adopt a sense of professionalism and pride.

To be clear, the kind of weird and wondrous projects you'll be supporting are the following:
  • Duo of Doom, a humorous psuedo-slice-of-life webcomic about a demon and a heart surgeon (group project with friends!)
  • Crossing the Line, an chapter-by-chapter updating novel about a college boy with a celebrity crush on an active serial killer.
  • Collateral Damage, an episodic collection of stories about a secret university for 'gifted' individuals.
  • A novel series I am keeping under wraps in hopes of publication (involving much suffering and also zombies).
(To be updated for May 2019)
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This will give me enough income to cover my monthly living expenses, and I thank you all immensely.
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