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You have chosen to commit your physical self , but choose to reserve the intangibles of your person. You believe, but it will not penetrate the skin. You realize, but maintain your poise. You understand but  would rather not see. I understand you. My physical body feels gratitude to you. I offer you my smile. May it bring you happiness.

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Now your intangibles and your physical self are as one. You feel and you see. You hear and you agree. Your eyes are mere vessels for the true light to shine through, and you create vision from the unseen eye within you. A blindfold would not blind you, and my mind connects to yours. You feel my gratitude flowing through you.

- Receive occasional newsletters and musings from me. 

- Receive non-scheduled extras pertaining to the show, which range from music scores from the show, to audio excerpts from me.

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Now you understand. You no longer simply agree but have become a manifestation of your belief.  Your body could be slain but the strength of what existed within would persevere. So illuminated are you. I experience elation in your presence, and I offer more than simply my gratitude.  I offer you my darkness, that which precedes.

- Receive occasional newsletters and musings from me. 

- Receive non-scheduled music and spoken audio, from the show and from my own personal creations.

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I am a writer with a passion for the weave of storytelling. I believe that there are threads of reality that hang all around us; glittering fragments or memories of times past or that have yet to come. The annals of history have been recorded but only seldom portrayed like art upon a canvas. The black wall has been empty for far too long, so these words shall now be inscribed.

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