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About Gilles "Sagittarius" Muller

Hi, I'm Sagittarius, and welcome to my lair.
I'm a digital artist, a programmer. I like to modify things to my tastes and change your games. I'm also an Administrator of Opium Pulses, which is a gaming community.

This Patreon page is made for you to show me your support for all of my activities on Internet (tutorials, creations, gameplay videos, etc).

In real life, I'm a social worker and take care of mentally challenged adults. I also have a degree in Social Engineering. I'm also a Community Manager for online communities. You can find me on Linkedin:

I'm a mod maker for different games. I want to make it clear - my mods are not paid. They are and will remain free for as long as I can breathe. This Patreon page is meant to support my Youtube videos, my digital creations, future tutorials and my social medias. It is also a mean to pay all of the people who get involved in my activities.

My Nexus account:

One-shot donations are allowed! Feel free to head to PayPal -

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