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For a monthly subscription of just $3 we will keep you informed of our progress as we sail up the east coast of Australia and beyond.
You will have access to our journey through our photo blog updates, (at least four per month), more when we have good internet access.
We will upload plenty of great photos so you can experience what we do as we go, but from the comfort of your cosy home.
We will teach you the basics of sailing with plenty of tips on how to provision your yacht, use a Self Steering System, how to anchor etc 
Ken is a qualified Coxswain.
You really do not need much money to sail away on your own adventure. Three months running costs have cost us less than $250, join us and we will show you how to live well on very little outlay.  We also know how to have fun
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For a monthly subscription of $5 per month we will give you access to our progress blog plus video updates to give you a behind the scenes look at what is really required to sail and maintain our 33' / 10m Adams sail boat in all conditions.
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For a monthly subscription of $10 per month we will give you access to all the benefits of our $3 & $5 patrons, plus access and the freedom to download and use all images taken by us.  Many of these images will be great to use as backgrounds for memes & inspirational quotes you can share on your social media




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Join us as we experience the exhilarating highs, not such fun lows, and all the wonderful fun times we have as we sail up the east coast of Australia and beyond in Nichola, our Adams 33' Sail Boat. 
Ken and Bron began this journey knowing that there really is never a better time to do something than NOW. We have both lost loved ones and know that life is fleeting so we are living our lives to the fullest now, rather than waiting till the time is 'right' or we have 'enough money to do this'.
Join us as we share ideas on doing things in the  most inexpensive way possible.
We will show you the basics of sailing, with tips on how how to get the most out of your Self Steering System, setting your anchor, how much chain to put out in different conditions, how to get a feed from the ocean and most importantly, how to be as safe as possible as you go.

We hope to inspire you to take time out from your busy life and do something that you have always wanted to do. Don't wait till you have everything 'is just right / or you have enough money saved' - begin NOW. Start doing 'your thing' over the weekends, perhaps take a few days off and get 'out there'. 

Teach your children the wonder of nature, in most places around the world it is still relatively inexpensive to enjoy a day besides a river, the beach, climbing a mountain or hill, take a stroll in your local Botanical Gardens. If your children are 'addicted to their mobile devices' - let them use them to take photos / videos and create a blog about their experiences. 

Sail With Us and we will show you how to find fun everywhere you go.

$0 of $10,000 per month
We wish to be able to fund our travels by providing an insight into what life is like living on Nichola, our Adams 33' steel boat as we sail into the ocean and in-land up navigable rivers, (sometimes getting grounded and having to wait for the tide to lift us off).
We will share the places and people we have met along the way
Some people have said we are 'crazy' to be doing what we do, and others wish they could come with us. By writing and sharing photos of our experiences we are able to share the fun, the exilleration of the highs and lows that our lifestyle involves.
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