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Hi Friends!

I'm creating videos on Motorsports, How to Motorsports Cars in CAD Software and some videos on various social topics.

Motorsports is a complicated sport with lots of technical, strategical and political machinations happenings behind the very simple concept of 'drive fast and get to the finish line first'. Even mega fans of the sport want to know more about all the details that make the sport interesting and that's where I come in.

My aim is to simplify a lot of the complications of Motorsports basically F1. Commentators, TV presenters and journalists will often breeze over WHY things are the way they are in F1 or other motorsport or how they work, but a lot of people want to know more. I'd love you all to know more. And so, I'm creating videos to break it all down simply. Also I'm creating videos on how to design motorsports car in CAD software.

I come from a mathematics, physics and design/communications background and I want nothing more than for everyone to understand the sport they love.

Apart from motorsports I'm also adding videos related to various social topic in day to day life.

Why Patreon?

Making videos takes time and effort! I had a long hiatus because I couldn't devote time to these videos. I need to research the topic to make sure everything is accurate, write a script that makes sense and carefully articulates all the ideas involved in each topic, and find a way to convey everything visually and animate that. Each video has many hours of work behind it and it needs to be sustained.

I love making these videos and don't want the quality to slip.

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