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About Sam Barnett-Cormack

What's this all about?

For a while now, I've been writing about Quaker faith and spirituality, practice, and my own experience. You can see my blog at I write about all sorts of things related to the Quaker faith, both from my personal perspective and to give an overview of what I have learned of others. This also includes "written ministry", writing that comes to me in the same manner as ministry in Meeting for Worship. That comes as it will, and I feel compelled to share it, but most of what I'm writing now is written deliberately; I choose what to write, and spend time thinking about it and researching and so on. This is a wonderful experience for me, and when I know that other people are reading, discussing and reflecting on what I write, that's a fantastic reward in itself.

Why am I on Patreon?

I love to write about my experience, share ideas that other Quakers - and anyone else - might find interesting, stimulate and participate in discussion about area of current concern to Quakers. The Religious Society of Friends is hugely diverse, and I want to see everyone in it have a better understanding of everyone else. But I can't afford to spend as much time on it as it deserves, and if it's not making money, I have to prioritise anything that might make money over it; it's just a fact of life that living takes money. I don't have a regular job that I do this in free time from. I'm self-employed, and have to earn a crust.

Patreon is about patronage - in the old fashioned, "I pay someone to be creative for me" sense. These patrons of old were especially keen on public art, so that the work they funded could be seen by everyone. Unlike the old fashioned patrons, like the Medicis of the renaissance, you don't have to be fabulously wealthy to support such public creative works now. With Patreon, everyone can contribute a small or large amount to support the creative work that they like to see. You can get some small things out of it for yourself, as mentioned in the reward tiers on this page, but most importantly you support work that you believe in, and allow it to be enjoyed by everyone.

The difference you can make

If you support me, I'll be able to dedicate time to this writing, guaranteed, as outlined in my goals. I'll also be more financially secure and incredibly grateful. If you enjoy or otherwise value my work, please consider supporting it, however little you can contribute.

If there's enough support, I'll be able to spend time on longer form writing on the same sort of subjects, and maybe branch out into other activities than just writing. I don't know where that could go yet, and won't until I start to get there, but the possibilities are exciting.
$18 of $50 per month
Guarantee of one substantive piece of writing per week, barring anything major bad happening (like hospitalisation or something). Written ministry doesn't count; that comes as it will.

You may wonder what this would change, given as I usually post much more often than that. Well, that currently depends on other demands on my time. When there's not much else going on, I can put time into writing, but when there's other things that need doing, I have to prioritise other things. If you wonderful people contribute up to this goal, I can make my Quaker writing a priority enough for one post a week.
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