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To give the first ten patrons the opportunity to make a request for any song topic they want my next ten songs to be about. I'll discuss the topic with each, then we reach a conclusion on the ideal topic before I write the song.




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Hi there! I am Sam Tony (real name, Anthony Samkelo Ndzingi). I am a musician who sings, plays guitar, produces, as well as writes songs.My number one passion has always been music and I love to create music that resonates with other people; music that aims to develop the individual the same way that a motivational book would. As soon as I earn $250 monthly through patreon, I plan to buy equipment so I can post quality video with quality sound for my audience. This is very important for me. In my spare time I like to help out High School pupils who struggle with Maths, sometimes they pay, other times they don't, but it doesn't really matter,because this is my own way of giving back to the community, so I do it free of charge, and if they wish to compensate me for it, which I highly appreciate because it makes me feel valued, I don't mind. I feel more validated when I see the gratitude in their eyes, though, and they come back to say "thank you" after a successful exam. 
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When I make $100 a month, I'll be able to hire an editor so I can release videos more frequently
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