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If you are able to pledge this much you will get access to my "patron-only" stream. I hope to be spending a lot of time on this site updating and communicating with you. Thank you so much for helping!
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People who pledge this much will get to see photo's I upload while working on music. Photo's of instruments, people I'm working with, or the photo's I use in the background of my videos!
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People who pledge this much will be able to see journals from me! Whether it's a video of me talking about a topic, making a song.. inspired or emotional. Or it could even be raw recordings straight from my phone of idea's and concepts!
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About Sam Williams

Hello there!
I create about three/four pieces of art per month...including original songs, covers, and collabs with some very lovely and talented friends of mine!
You can find my stuff here at:

If you would like to help support me in the creation of new music, and any other kinds of various art I feel inspired to do, this is your chance! And you get goodies for helping!

How does it work?
By becoming a Patron, you are using a subscription-based service, where you chose to pay an amount of your choice, per video, starting at just $1. You can also set a monthly cap to make sure you never spend more than you'd like, as well as being able to cancel your subscription at any given time!

Where does your money go?
Your money will go towards helping me continue doing what I love, which is making music for you! It can be towards a new set of strings, other new gear, gas to travel places for filming, or even the dinner I eat while cooped up editing it all! Every little bit helps!

Patreon is your way in investing in ME! So whether you pledge one dollar a month, or ten billion, your contribution means so freaking much to me. Thank you for simply taking the time to read this!

$0 of $20 per Music Video
After 20 dollars are pledged I will attempt to bring my camera out and film a music video for an original song!
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