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Thanks for even checking out my stuff! I can't offer much for everything but I hope you'll still pledge to support my work ^_^

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You can have access to the folders of the Motion Manga I produce which will include the images (art and actual manga pages) used as well all the music used in full for your own use without the need to search.

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Damn, are you sure you didn't add a 0 by accident XD.
Feel free to ask me for some of the files I have for editing, e.g my Transition packs, effects e.t.c  



About SamiAnime

Hi Everyone
SamiAnime is my YouTube channel for my exclusive fan made anime related videos. The channel's purpose is to create high quality videos primarily to do with anime with the possibility of expanding into my other areas of interest. These videos take a lot of time to make, so you know, if you're willing to spend a few pounds to help me out I'd appreciate that. If not, I'm just happy you enjoyed my content enough to even look at this link :)

How this works

If you become a patron, you'll have the option to pledge an amount of dollars of your choice per video to keep the channel up and running. This can include time spent on channel management and costs for better equipment to create more videos faster and with greater quality tools. As much as I love running this channel it is something I do part-time. Like most, I spend many hours just to create a few minutes of content so any funds will help make it that much more worthwhile. ^_^

By pledging, we will be able to further expand the channel and bring about more things you can enjoy. With your help, we will also be able to release more cover songs and abridged episodes as well as release new series as well.

In exchange for your support, we'll offer exclusive rewards such as:
• Access to my editing packs (E.g transitions)
• HD Downloads of the videos without pitched audio 
• Early Access to Videos
• Early Announcements of Future Projects

Thank you for visiting this page and even more so if you have gotten this far. Your support and interest for this channel and community will always be appreciated!

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Any funds to help me save my dying laptop would really help my productivity levels. Try to get one with a high end processor and memory but of course that costs a lot. Any help would be appreciated. 
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