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Tungsten's Tier
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Sneak around and get exclusive behind-the-scenes content such as:

· full page progress of TDN straight from thumbnails to finish!

· journals and mentions

· sneak peeks of other artworks

Includes Discord rewards
Castan's Tier
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A strong invested watcher with a heart of gold.

Your treasures will be:

· previous tier rewards

· a one-time SFW art-request 

  (max 2 characters in lineart or 1 in flat colors) 

· download PSD files

Includes Discord rewards
Olive's Tier
Limited (0 of 10 remaining)
per month

You're eager to be a part of a new flock and rushes in with great excitement!

Recieve rewards such as:

· behind-the-scenes content!

· a dragonsona! 

(Get your own personalized dragon character and have it appear in Chapter 2 of The Draconem Nebula. If you already have a dragonsona I will draw it in my style so it fits the TDN universe)

Includes Discord rewards
$347 of $500 per month
With 500$ I'll be able to pay all my rent including small fees and I'll be able to work full-time on TDN!

I'll also start to plan out new stories with new characters or develop side-stories of the ones you know and love.
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