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About Mort Productions

A few months back I started doing milk bath and milk dress photoshoots. Everyone who participates has an amazing time and I'm asked on a nearly daily basis to do them again. I was doing a shoot with All is Vanity Expressions, and she was talking about trying different colored waters, different materials, maybe even elements into the baths and thought it would make a for a good art book. Some of these maybe cosplay or thematic crossovers, such as pinup, or latex, etc... 

The problem is these shoots are extremely time consuming, and resource consuming. Between shooting and editing I'm spending between 6 - 10 hours of time per shoot, between setting the shoot up, actual shooting, cleanup, and editing afterwards. This is not to mention the cost of the products that is going into creating the baths, and normal wear and tear on equipment. There is also sometimes props that we may have to purchase for certain themed shoots. I'd also like to have a budget to pay the models who want to participate and you can see many of the tier levels include money set aside specifically to cover the models time. 

If you are in the Phoenix Arizona area and looking to model please contact me! I am accepting male and female models and always looking for additional 'themed' shoot idea(s). 

For contact info please find me on or

Some current examples

$0 of $300 per Photoshoot/Set
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After the amount of time and energy the model and photographer puts in, the amount of time invested in the edits after, the amount of supplies and gas used, the studio fees. This is about what it will cost to break even per shoot. 
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