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About DiploRaptor(Samuel)

I have a Podcast called the Random Cast it will be going up on Youtube but certain things like hosting it other places cannot be done unless I have a steady flow of income and more.
So that is all I'm asking to help and aid this endeavor of ours.
This is all for people as some things sadly need to be behind a paywall and because of that this Patreon was made but it is also a way for you as my fans to support and enjoy and spread the word on this content further.

In addition to that I have and do many art projects in 2D art, 3D art, and cooking and all your money can let me be creative with these ideas and making for some wonderful projects no matter for what reason or how/why you came to be here it is all greatly appreciated.

Your help your aid and just appreciation even if your not a patron. But especially putting money down it is so huge and I am so grateful for this aid and help in making for some magnificent art and more letting me do this with my life it is such a fantastic little thing and I cannot truly express in words what it means.
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Welcome Past the Paywall
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The content I got to keep behind a paywall is yours to enjoy hope you like these special episodes.

Not only that you get access to the recipes I try and make  and there results including images and the ability too access and vote on the polls I setup

Voters Rejoice Tier
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This isn't much more special but you can make votes on what you would like too learn about nerd, pop-culture, and tabletop rpg wise be it D&D(Dungeons and Dragons) or Shadowrun as it were
The Art Tier
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For those not interested in the RPG, Tabletop.
Your money instead of going too my letsplay, and podcast material goes towards art.

And when I get to them you will get 1 Glass Cheese Plate for your aid and patronage so thankyou very much for that effort!

A Campaign and Other Benefits
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Name In The Credits
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$0 of $5 per month
I'm gonna be using most of this money too be save for grabbing games, better stream setup and other general equipment uses too help out its appreciated and hey little bit goes a long way
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