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I never considered myself a catalyst for change, however I have come to accept that this is my calling in this lifetime. I am an independent author, transformational speaker, and elite athlete. My style has been described as raw, unfiltered and authentic.
If you are ready to delve into the depths of your soul, reach for those things in the back of the psychic closet that frighten you most, then come my friend - we have a journey ahead of us.

I am your guide, your companion, and most importantly, your friend.

My writing has taken three different paths:
  • Dear Friend Letters - written as a letter to a friend. Exploring aspects of the human condition, one thought at a time.
  • Addiction - an exploration of our deepest fears, and the various faces of addiction.
  • My Muse, My Mistress - inspired by a fellow writer and close friend, the trials and tribulations of an artist's journey personified.

Though I have an altruistic and generous nature, a girl has to eat! (And I eat A LOT)
With your ongoing support, I can continue to explore what runs deep within us, and put it into words the burdens we hide in our souls.

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As my patron base grows, I am one step closer to the dream—changing the world one person at a time through writing, workshops and public speaking.

I am always open to suggestions; dear reader you have my rapt attention.

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Dear Friend Letters Volume 2 is ready to go to the editor, help me meet my goal so I can send it off. Make a generous donation and I will send you a signed copy!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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