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About me:
The tallest short person you'll ever meet! I'm Saphera, an aspiring zookeeper and phoenix tamer. I've been fond of both animals and video games my entire life, you've assembly arrived here today to look at some art, photos or admire the wonderful uses of the internet! I've spent most my childhood doodling, imagining weird ass things and staying out of the sunlight. Now discovering Patreon, I hope to share my not so  great projects with you and the world <3

About what I do:
Currently, I'm studying a degree in zoological management and have just moved out to live with my budgie and some of the fantastic people that I've met on my adventure through university! My field of study means I spend most of my time at my local Zoo, not just admiring creatures but looking after them too. I've volunteered at the zoo since late 2016, I care deeply for the animals I care for, and wish to keep providing for them for as long as possible. So therefor I've started a patron to help support myself and the projects I do whilst finishing my degree! Will you join me on the adventure?
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When I reach $100 per month, and the end of each month I'll do a Q&A session alongside a livesteam of can upcoming project!
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