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Join the facebook group Modern Myth Makers and follow along as we remember and create new myths for old spirits.  Every month, I publish original stories taught to me by our goddesses and ancestors.  Often, they are accompanied by illustrations, spells, hymns, and other supporting materials.  In addition to getting access to the stories and ikons (low res files; see "Ikonography" tier for high-res print-ready files), you can discuss the myths with me and the other myth makers, as well as suggest myths you'd like to hear.  And, of course, if you want, you can tell your own stories as well.
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In addition to group membership, you can add your own inspirations, ideas, stories, and pictures to the myths we're creating together.
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Every month, I publish at least one original digital ikon of a goddess, ancestress, or other spirit.  At this reward tier, you receive high-def image files, suitable for printing and framing.




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Welcome to Modern Myth!  Thank you so much for re-enchanting the world with me!  Here on this page, every month we discuss a new or rediscovered myth; the story of a spirit who calls out to our age from across the mists of time.  We tell their stories in words, and pictures.  I'd love to find a musician to collaborate with to add song to the mix, but, sadly, I am not that person.  Some spirits have spells and wisdom teaching to share; some just want their story told.  Help me give them a voice?
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I'd really like to be able to count of $500 a month from Patreon supporters.  With that much support, I'd be able to produce stories and myths celebrating a much wider variety of lesser-known spirits. It's easy to sell stories about Hekate and the Morrigan, but I'd love to be able to write stories about lesser known goddesses and "Lives of the Saints" style stories for the silenced Mighty Dead. Ereshkigal, the Babylonian Queen of the Underworld. Pomona, the Roman goddess of apples and sacred orchards. Sarah Zevi (a 17th century Jewish prophetess and wife of the Messiah) is especially calling to me right now; I'd love to write a novel telling her story.
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