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For everyone who donates $1 before Sept 30th 2016, your name will be on the website's post about sponsorship and Patreon, thanking you for your help. So, think about seeing your name on the blog!

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Are you an armchair traveler? Or do you like to get out with the pups and discover new campgrounds and forest roads to explore? Would you like to get help planning your next adventure or simply follow along on mine? I have so much direct experience of places, the maps, the resources, and your support allows me to take the time to share that as much as needed. 

For the last twenty years I have lived in New Mexico and as much as possible I have explored the Southwest, pouring over maps, driving down dirt roads, camping with my dogs, and then writing and photographing my experiences for others to enjoy and be inspired by. This is a lifestyle, an ongoing exploration of the world around me. I have paid for everything myself so far but am limited timewise. Your support would allow me to focus on the research, writing, consultations, social media, website, and books. This means getting the information out there, that is the goal. Your help will allow me to do just that. Plus, I would love to know that others want me to share my experiences and information with more people, especially in the hope that you take your pets with you when camping and taking long trips in the Western States. 

If you turn to my blog, like the FB group, or follow our travels on Instagram, then please become involved as a sponsor or patron as if you were paying for Netflix, cable, or simply a good book. By way of thanks, you will receive regular updates via Patreon, routes, trip reports, links to your business on the website, and even consultations and trip planning as you wish. Please, help me bring these stories, photographs, and inspiration to a wider audience so they too take the dogs and cats camping with them on their next adventure.

Thanks so much. 

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This summer I was invited to give presentations at  Overland Expo in May and at the Northwest Overland Rally in June, talking about my own travels and experiences of taking to the back roads of the Southwest with my pets.
I took a three month road trip in a van with two dogs and a cat called Little Stevie. We explored Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. 
Your support would give me the time to focus on researching more while I write up my notes and observations.  Over winter I'll post about the specific places and towns I visited on that 7800 mile trip. Layers of personal and historical. 
 Traveling and writing about my experiences is lifestyle for me, it's an ongoing project of that I have been funding myself with the sale of my novels, calendars, renting out my studio, and working part time.
With a growing community of supporters of the website, blog, Instagram, presentations, and private consultations, any financial support keeps this knowledge available for everyone else, whether traveling solo or with pets in the back-country.
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