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About Sarah Robbins

Hey Patreon! I'm Sarah Robbins, a Baltimore-based illustrator and printmaker, and I love to make risograph prints! In addition to freelancing full time as an illustrator, I co-founded PaperBase, a letterpress + risograph print shop and co-working space in Mt. Vernon where I teach printmaking and design to the Baltimore arts community. 

(That's me up there, holding my latest inktober risograph printed zines!)
You can check out more of my work on my website, Instagram, and facebook!

What's a Risograph?
A Risograph is a magical copier machine-like box which creates screen-print like prints (see icon for reference). Each color is printed one at a time, and a reasonable amount of skill and patience is required to make a layered printed image. These machines were once solely in office spaces, cranking out fliers and memos, but in the last decade or so are used by artists to make vibrant artwork. I currently use an RP3700, and the color drums I have are Red, Medium Blue, Black, and Teal - which means I am limited to those colors (good thing I like them a lot!) 
If you want to know more about the process, I recommend this article by Issue Press.

Each month I will be creating one new edition of risograph art prints JUST FOR YOU my dear patrons! I'll be sharing my process with you, with exclusive content you can only see right here. I hope to do timelapses, tutorials, and drawing livestreams, just to name a few fun extras you'll get for your awesome support! You'll also get first dibs on prints I list in my online store, and exclusive sales. Basically, I want to shower you all with my appreciation and love, and I'd like to say thanks in advance new friend!

Why your support on Patreon is important:
Patreon is one of the most direct ways you can support me as an artist. Each month of payments goes toward enabling me to have the time and capital to create. I am a full-time freelancer, but I would love to be a full-time printmaker. That's where you come in and you'll get beautiful art in exchange! 

With your financial support I will be able to:
1. Have more working capital to invest in expanding my workshop and printing capabilities (more paper! Better paper! Ink!)
2. I'll be able to invest more time in doing larger more elaborate print runs as well as dreaming up bigger comic and zine projects.
3. In general, the more stable I am financially, the more time I have to create and make you awesome things! 

Tier levels in exchange for your patronage:

$1 - ~INNER CIRCLE~ - Welcome new friend! For just one buck a month you will get access to content I ONLY post here on Patreon. This includes personal comics, tutorials, works in progress, and more. Basically, you're in THE club, and you are automatically my new close friend. <3

$5 - ~PDF PRINT DOWNLOAD~  At this tier receive a monthly high resolution download of the artwork of my monthly print! I'll allow basic at home printing so you can put it on your wall, feed it to your dog, or even ball it up and eat it if you want! Basically it's yours and only yours, so just no sharing/selling! Please be cool! ;)

$10 - ~5"X7" RISOGRAPH PRINT~  The main event! Get all of the above tiers AND a shiny new 5"x7" risograph print in your mailbox every month! Woo! 

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