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About Sarah Westall

Thank you to everyone who supports the show. I am humbled to have great supporters who are willing to support my continued efforts. Please stay in contact and let me know how I can make the show better (i.e. guest suggestions, topics, etc..). 

Business Game Changers brings radio, books, videos, and podcasts to the public by focusing on innovation, disruption, and the big issues. Digging and finding the most impactful changes and issues occurring in the world and bringing you the world's top experts who can shed light on the topic. Some of the subjects are exhilarating and others are dark. The main objective is to shine light on events, discoveries, and happenings that have the greatest potential to change the world regardless if the topics are politically controversial.

If you do not have the funds to purchase my books, please message me with your email address and I will send you a free copy of my eBook. No questions asked and no judgements. 

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The goal is to reach 2000 Patrons and provide them more exclusive and free content. Also, some very important topics will not be supported by other platforms and this base of support will allow my channel to continue to cover any subject without restrictions due to funding. 

These funds, along with funds from other sources, will also allow the channel to grow and collaborate with like minded journalists and social leaders to bring expanded awareness to a wider audience with documentaries, social activism, and events.

We are in a very fast changing world where many positive and negative changes are happening quickly around us. Together we need to raise our awareness by shining a very bright light on the dark and light side of humanity so positive changes can occur. Time is now to make a difference for our future. 

Thank you for considering to support the show.
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