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About Sarikha

Hi! My name is Sarikha. I am a self taught 2D illustrator. I started drawing when I was 13 and have loved it ever since. 
Believe it or not, making my content can get pricey! From simple things like internet costs, to art supplies, computer programs, electricity bills, rent, food, and much more!
I also want to publish a comic. I am currently working on the story and doing the necessary research to make this possible.
I live on a tiny island in the Caribbean where there is a very low opinion about the arts. As an artist I want to show that there is a place for art in my country.

Your pledges would go towards helping me make these things a reality, as well as helping me be able to create full time and put out more content for you!

Your kind support helps me to:
  • Create more interesting art and illustrations
  • Improve my skills and upgrade equipment and software,
  • Quit my day job to have more time to create
  • Work on my comic
  • Make timelapse videos
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