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Hello, I'm Sarv and I have a passion for creating meaningful content to inspire people to learn more about the meaning and purpose of life, religion, and society. I hope my videos will enrich the conversations that people carry-out in their lives. I believe if we learn to have conversations with depth and significance, then we could help change society toward a better future. For example, creating a reality that is not judgmental, divisive, competitive, ignorant, or overall negative. We will start becoming more loving and be accepting of each other, working together towards a world where everyone feels welcome.

My videos are very diverse, I do vlogs talking about an issue I find interesting, I also interview prominent people like Dr Enderle and Shadi Toloui-Wallace talking about their work and perspective. I have randomly approached students on the university campus where I ask them profound questions to learn how they think about society. My channel is in no way representing the Baha'i Faith instead it is inspired by it. My channel is like my life's journey of learning and understanding that I get from personal analysis and from meaningful and elevated conversations with others.

Thanks for supporting me on this journey of learning!
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(i.e. if my camera breaks or some other device doesn't function I can purchase a new one immediately with your generous offerings). 
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