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About Sataana

I can't sell myself, So I will just put quotes of my supporters here.

"I followed And subbed to you because you Are unlike any other streamer out there You were the first Streamer I met that I didn’t Hate because you just wanted money. You actually care for your community, you made me want to stay apart of the streaming community." - D. KissXXX

"the reason i decided to Follow/sub is because you are a nice person who talks to and listens to his community" - P. Crits

"I decided to follow you because you were engaging, entertaining and made me laugh. My impression of you is that you're genuine and a good guy to the core, and that you are very passionate about what you do. I wouldn't have 500+ hours in your stream if this was not the case." - H.

"the crazy hair , sometimes trolling ,the fact that you were/are dutch ,not really trying to be the best at a game but having fun/interact with the viewers"
- J. Jum

"I'm following you because i think you are an awesome person and a genuine and warm guy,i consider you a friend" - S. Star

"You are Interactive with your audience, engaging, you sincerely care about your viewers and supportive to those that ask questions. You are entertaining in a troll-y kind of way that is somewhat unique to the platform. And I think you're a good guy. But that last one might just be my opinion.. lol" - L.

"i think for me it was always a friendly face, and somebody who always wanted to try new and improved things. Every stream something different was being tried out." - T.

"When I decided to support Sataana, it was because how he genuinely felt about streaming and what he wanted for his community. He is a strong entertainer, but off camera he is always thinking of ways to better himself and improve his stream. Misunderstood, at times, he tries to do right by his community and his love of streaming." - T. BeerX

"I decided to follow, sub and watch your channel because, not only did I like your content (style, games, personality etc.), you also have a way of welcoming everyone that comes in and making them feel like they’re a regular already. Or at least, you did that with me! It’s hard sometimes coming into a new community as a viewer and feeling like you actually are part of it. Sometimes that takes a a long time... maybe weeks, months, or never. Your chill vibe (minus key board breaking rage LOL) is inviting. In the end, it was your personality that brought me back. Loved the games you play- but your personality and how you were towards others is what kept me coming back! The comedic part of you is just fantastic too! Basically, when I’m at your channel, it feels like I’m sitting on the couch hanging out with friends rather than sitting in front of the monitor watching something instead of engaging in it (even when I’m lurking like a mad woman!) ^.^"
- A. Kietsu

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