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A big warm huge thanks to you are required! This second pledge maybe would includes the multiple of the last one. You're totally an awesome cat who has a silverish blue fur, how awesome. You'll get listed on my list of Awesome Cats, an AA+ for you kitty

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About SaturNage

Hello There!
My name is Katt, I'm a hobbyist self taught artist and animator.

Why Are You Here?
As you were asking, I am here to share my creations with people, because WE don't need to keep all things to our selves. My creation includes fan art, illustration, comic, series, and more!

T H E   R E W A R D S

1. Character Drawing
This section may include the sizes of drawing; e.g. Head-shot, Bust-shot, Half-shot, Knee-shot, and Full-shot. If you find a tier include thing like this: "Fullbody character drawing", then you choose it. You will get the drawing of your character and mine as a sort of "Special Thanks" letter.

2. Animation MEMEs
Aah... This would sometimes come in my open mine. I was trying to warn you: "Be careful when you're watching some of the meme(s), it would include a flashing imagery sometimes...". Welp, that's not a scary warning.

3. MAPs
"What are MAP goes to?", well a MAP are going to a "Multi-Animators Project. Some kind of my MAPs idea are OC MAP, so I've tried to make other ideas about...

4. Fan Art
I love to make scenes about fan art. You know, because it's too fun. And, yes. Fan art ideas are coming from our favorite thing as such a series or something.

And-- more things to find out! Sorry, I can't wrote more. So stay tuned! (for what?)

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Patreon streams everytime during work on drawing or animating. I would take your request as well!
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