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You get to pick what Star Wars Expanded Universe thing I review! Is it your favorite Star Wars comic book? The tie-in novel you knew even as a twelve-year-old was a complete hack job? Those godawful Star Wars fruit chews?

Your Star Wars wish will be my Star Wars command! You know, provided the thing you want me to review isn't obscenely expensive or impossible to get or something. All things within reason, my brothers et sisters et others.




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Now that the Star Wars Expanded Universe has been cancelled by the corporate overlords at Disney, it's time to step back and take stock of what we've lost. What was the Expanded Universe? How far did it stretch? What did it contain? Was any of it actually worthy of existing in the first place?

Suicide By Star Wars Apocrypha attempts to answer all those questions by reading every Star Wars spin-off novel, examining every comic book, and even eating all those crappy tie-in Star Wars food products.

All of that, though, costs money. Money for books, money for comics, money to justify to my family the time I spend locked in the basement pouring over media intended largely for children. Please help. The more you support this project, the further and deeper I can dive into the great sea of Star Wars without drowning.
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If you, my fellow Star Warsholics, can put together a Benjamin for each of these articles I write, the project can continue indefinitely. I can pay for the materials I review, my website hosts (The U4E) can get their bandwidth costs offset, and I can occasionally buy a sandwich to eat while I type about the Twi’lek Jedi Tott Doneeta punching criminals riding giant insects on Onderon. Work might still be somewhat sporadic (I have a job and a semblance of a life!) but it can continue.
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