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About Scaffolding Magazine

Hello World!

Adopt us for a small monthly payment and get awesome perks every month! You'll get Scaffolding Magazine four times a year, and other nine months you will receive awesome books, comics, artwork, and merchandise!

We are a group of enthusiasts passionate about publishing a wickedly entertaining indie magazine and supporting independent artists. Let us introduce you to Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a literary and art magazine that strives to publish diverse and unique voices. We match visual artists and writers to create a unique reader experience. We also feature editorials about diversity, social issues, popular culture etc. Our mission is to become a vehicle for up-and-coming artists to be discovered and express their unique message.

Why Scaffolding?
You probably noticed that it has nothing to do with building and construction. Not in a traditional sense anyway. For us, Scaffolding is a process of becoming, transforming, emerging. Scaffolding is also a support system, by which we become, transform, and emerge

Last year we began working on the magazine (or should we say, we laid the scaffolding!). The idea was born from knowing how difficult it is to be noticed in the publishing industry. There are so many talented people out there! The Scaffolding idea resonated with the artists and we received some fantastic submissions! Check the video for a sample of the stories we've collected!

In order to connect to our readers, we launched this Patreon account, where you can either get your copy of the magazine, or consider subscribing by committing to a regular payment. We will publish Scaffolding four times a year.

Unless you've attempted at publishing a magazine, you may not be aware how costly it is. We have expenses for running web-sites, numerous software, advertisement, production, and printing the magazine. Also, we are committed to supporting writers and visual artists by offering them 60% of the net profit. This is a very important goal for us, because we are artists and writers ourselves, and we know how important it is to be recognized for our hard work. 

Our long-term goal is to grow to a point that we can afford paying the contributors actual cash and be eligible to nominate our contributors for major literary and art awards. We want Scaffolding to become a happening place, where people are discovered! By supporting Scaffolding, you are supporting artists from around the world, and a team that worked hard to make Scaffolding happen. 

The cool thing about our magazine is that it has no paid ads! It also will not become dated because of the ever-green content. It is filled with fiction and editorials. It also features a unique collection of artwork that you will want to keep looking at while taking your morning coffee or entertaining your guests. 

For more details, find us at , Facebook  and Twitter @ScaffoldingMag 

Watch video trailers or the stories, published in the 1st issue: 
$2 of $20 per creation
This is a symbolic goal, a retail price of the magazine. Somehow feels appropriate. I hope it symbolizes Magazine's self-sufficient future. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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