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Well well, welcome to my passion!  I'm an inspiring artist who strives to create artwork revolving around mythical and fantasy-like settings.  My main goal is to create my very own Web Comic, filled with adventure, danger, and of course monster slaying... On the side I do small humor comics with my doodle-guys, concept art, and commissions for those interested in owning a piece of my artwork! As for my loyal fans.... You of course will get access to all~ of my creations, step-by-step art tutorials for those interested in learning my style of drawing, discounts on some commissioned work, feed-back on your fan-art, and more! And as always, thank you so much for viewing and supporting!
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One buck a month? Psh! Totally worth it... You get access to my patron-only feed! View all my artwork and help out! 
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Five bucks a month, huh? Man, you're awesome! Well, of course you've got access to my patron-only feed... AND you get to check out some tutorials! Not only that though - you'll also get a personalized doodle-guy saying thank you in his own...Odd...Way!  
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Fifteen? Alright buddy... You get all the things listed above -- Patron feed, tutorials, a doodle... AND you get $5 off any commission above $5! How about that? Not enough? Fine. I'll give you your own doodle character. That's right. He'll be 100% unique! I'll even let you name him - just nothing offensive, please... They do have feelings. 
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$15...We can do this! Once we reach it, you can bet there'll be a post celebrating it! All those who helped reach it will be thanked, and named!
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