Peter Raymond-Gold

is creating a support network to put an entertainer into a nursing home.




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About Peter Raymond-Gold

Peter is a dedicated care home singer and entertainer. His work involves busking in Scarborough town to help subsidise his work. He is aiming to achieve a goal of $90 per month to support two sessions per month at  NORWOOD nursing home in Scarborough.

Peter is working tirelessly with his new website project with aims of making a contribution to the Scarborough Community and to Scarborough Markets and vaults. Who continually support the much-needed care home singing work.

Peter created Scarborough Today as a directory website to help the local market traders mainly in the Scarborough market hall and vaults, but also the surrounding areas of Scarborough. Incorporating multimedia facets, including videos for local businesses attached to their listings. Local news, video blog posts and articles. The website is free with the ability to upgrade for a small fee. Alternatively, if people would like to help support this project feel free to donate here.
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  • Raising money to buy a professional broadcasting camera for the you tube channel. With aims to be able to film live events and videos of local businesses to add to directory listings. 
  • Support Peter with his care home singing work. Including buying gifts for select care homes at Christmas.
  • Help in promoting awareness of Peters projects. 

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