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About Johannes „Fünfkommasechs“ Schlörb

If you visit this page, you probably know the mostly Mercedes-related adventures of Marc "Dreikommanull" Christiansen and myself from YouTube or our website

I love creating these videos
- although this still is really just a hobby besides my regular job, making me an ever stressed-out and unnerving pale person with little patience, zero spare time and the realistic prospect of becoming a serial killer with cardiovascular problems some day.

Meanwhile more than 15,000 people watch our stuff every day, over 7 million views on our channel so far. And yet this is by far not big enough of an audience for a sufficient advertisement return sustaining the costs.

Not only is there a lot of work and time going into each of these ever more comprehensive movies after shooting them (approximately 60-80 hours for editing, post production, graphics design, finding a proper soundtrack etc.), but also considerable amounts of money for my ever-outdated equipment or to compensate for the inevitable loss thereof (every three videos at least one GoPro dies ;-)), new hardware and software, and last but not least my expenses for licensing of some fresh tunes from talented and mostly unknown artists rather than to make it all sound like cheap "sound library" stuff

So each of the films we publish actually cost real money - aside from the unpaid work that went into it.

Some of our loyal followers suggested an opportunity for them to fund our projects, so here we are :-)

If you're really up for this, I would be most grateful. Thank you very much in advance for supporting this work!
$553 of $1,000 per Video
Transscribing, Translating and Implementing Closed Captions is a project by itself, probably taking me days for our rather lengthy videos. A budget for that tedious work could really help
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