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The warm, fuzzy feeling knowing the kids ate some lolly-roos;

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The warm, fuzzy feeling knowing the kids ate some lolly-roos;
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About Daniel VanderWerff


I create the webcomic School Spirit, online since 2004 and updating three times a week. I am a primary school teacher myself, and your support here is purely on a voluntary basis. Any funds you may contribute to School Spirit will go towards covering the Photoshop subscription and general pen and paper supplies; the particulars the strip requires to get from head to finished picture. As a relief teacher, work can be irregular, so any pledged monthly amount beyond these running costs would be a little bit of pocket money to fill some of the financial holes left behind when the kids don't cough on their teachers enough for the schools to call me in for a while!

Currently School Spirit has been updating constantly for ten years, with over 1500 individual strips, approaching 150 linking story arcs, and approximately 20 recurring characters. The kids' primary school sits next door to the local cemetery, where Casper and Cody have the apparently singular (or double..?) ability to see the spirits quietly going about their after-lives. The comic itself focuses on the day to day misadventures of the kids, and their interactions with the spirits. It doesn't aim to be a laugh out loud strip every single day, but more a quiet, innocent and light-hearted look at the world through the eyes of the kids.

For your contributions, set to a limit that you choose, above continuing to get a dozen or so strips a month, you will have access to other non-website published materials; wall papers, character sketches, updates, glimpses of any proper sketches I may be doing, fully enlarged versions of the web-sized strips... and probably things I haven't necessarily thought of yet.

Again, this is purely voluntary, as School Spirit will always be available online free of charge. This is simply an option for anybody who would like to donate to the kids in the event that you really enjoy the strip.

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School Spirit has been produced using Photoshop since the very beginning. $10 a month covers the subscription costs of continuing to use this software.
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